Shirley's Golden Ancestors


Family oral tradition states that my Golden progenitors were from Ireland.  Because of many Goldens of the same name and proximity, it is difficult to document which of my Goldens arrived first, their port of arrival, and when they actually arrived in this part of the world.   Y-DNA test results have shown our branch of the Goldens to be Haplogroup G2a3b1a - this haplogroup is rare in Ireland, but it is found in an area where it is said our Golden ancestors once lived.

The latest results of Y-DNA testing has now shown our ancestors to be from Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Ireland.

Mark Golden, my 4th Great Grandfather, born January 27, 1762

Seaborn Golden, my 3rd Great Grandfather, was born January 22, 1799, GA.  Seaborn married first, Elizabeth Johnson,  and second,
Levina Johnston.  Children born to Seaborn and Levina were:

Joseph Golden, born circa 1829, GA, married Paralee Webster

Sarah Ann Golden, (my 2nd Great Grandmother), born circa 1830, GA, married John Warren Gresham

Andrew Jackson Golden, born 1832, GA, married Mary A. (Polly) Cadenhead

William M. Golden, born 1834, GA, married Ellen M. Hornsby

Newman Golden, born circa 1835, GA

Seaborn C. Golden, born circa 1837, GA

Marcus C. (Mark) Golden, born 1839, GA, married Saphronia Richards

John A. Golden, born 1841, AL, married Rebecca Webster

Benjamin Franklin Golden, born 1843, AL, married first, Jane Webster, and second, Croffie Wilkerson

Mary Ann Golden, born circa 1844, AL, married A. W. Reeves

James M. Golden, born circa 1847, AL, married Frances C. Hornsby

William M. Golden
Brother to My Ancestor, Sarah Ann Golden
Photo Courtesy of Martha Grant Cherry from Her Book, Golden Chains of Love.

Shirley Norman-Gunn